About Sunterra

About_1Sunterra Horticulture is a boutique peat moss producer that was established with one goal in mind — to provide its customers with premium professional grade Canadian Sphagnum peat moss. Sunterra does not attempt to be all things to all people. Instead, we focus on what we do best, namely providing our customers with fibrous blonde peat moss that is high in porosity and water holding capacity and low in pH and bulk density. Sunterra does not compete with its customers — we do not sell professional mixes nor do we sell peat moss to retail consumers. We simply provide our customers with a growing media of the highest quality, that is consistent from bale to bale, direct from the bog to the end user, all at competitive prices.
About_2As one of the newest Canadian peat producers supplying the North American market from coast to coast, one of our key competitive advantages is that our peat reserves are some of the youngest in the industry. In fact, the vast majority of the peat moss we offer comes from peat fields that have been harvested for less than five years. What this means is that Sunterra is only harvesting and selling peat moss from the uppermost part of the peat bog. This is the youngest, least decomposed of all peat grades on the market. It is very fibrous and spongy, holds a tremendous amount of moisture while still providing excellent cation exchange capacity. In addition, we are continually adding new acreage so our customers can be assured that they will always receive only the highest quality blonde peat moss available.

The Sunterra Advantage

Highest Quality Available

  • Sunterra produces long, blonde fibrous peat, which is among the youngest, least decomposed grades of peat currently on the market.
  • Sunterra peat provides growers with high porosity and airspace, which can enhance root development and allow plants to dry down quicker and reduce over saturation. This ultimately provides growers with better control over fertility.
  • Microflora in Sunterra peat competes for nutrients with pythium and phytophtora through a process known as “general suppression”. This provides approximately 6-7 weeks of natural suppression, which for many items is close to crop time.


  • Unblended peat that is of consistent high quality from bale to bale
  • Low, stable pH and soluble salts (ECs)
  • High Cation Exchange (CEC)